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suomi24 posti fi suomi24 chat 22

and Education OKM/Wikimaps 5 000,00 Wikimedia Sweden wmse 4 550,00 (Budgeted 5 000,00 ) Calculated value of in-kind donations (space rent). The value of contributions is calculated based on variables we use for budgeting. Are there any grant funds remaining? Suomi24:n liiketoiminnasta ja tuotekehityksestä. 4 of the news items were about monkey selfie, two about the Wikipedia statue in the Poland and two about the right to be forgotten. Participanting institutions in the meeting: Helsinki Region Infoshare, Forum Virium, Helsinki City Archives, Helsinki City Museum, Apps4Finland, National Archives, National Board of Antiquities, City of Espoo Wikimedia OSM @ SotMEU 2014, 19:0020:00 Tim Alder gathered a group of people. It is important to set expectations promptly to avoid negative feedback.

The person will assist the Wikimaps project in Finland, as well as work with all content donations and other projects needing technical assistance. EDU edit wmfi had a hands-on demonstration booth at the ITK conference. We can provide search to maps within the Warper. See the Hangout event. Palveluitamme ovat hakukoneoptimointi ja hakukonemainonta. Susanna combined the trip with family travel. They have not been requested, and we must start to promote them more vigrously. We have now grown that expertise and we are happy to be able to continue work with the assistants, who will be able to continue learning, developing and disseminating their knowledge to the volunteer community and others.

They additionally participated the events in high numbers. In they published a large study about the quality of Finnish Wikipedia (14 stories including background and follow-ups) After that their active reporting has continued and they have published in 2014 15 different stories which topics have been about the Wikipedia or Wikimedia. Profiilit muualla, verkkoreportaasit, olen tehnyt useita verkkoreportaaseja multimediamuodossa. Sommaren 2007 öppnade vi, startis Svenskfinland, som är en behändig startsida och ett navigeringsverktyg för internet. Velmi dobré 207 hodnocení, killari Hotel 1 hvzdiek, hotel v destinaci Purmamarca, featuring a garden with BBQ facilities, Killari Hotel offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and heating in Purmamarca. She published a position paper (61 views) and a presentation (583 views) as part of the GeoHumanities workshop. Postponed We will wait with some features until structured data is deployed in the Commons. Susanna presented Wikimaps, and new connections for the further development were made. Create a geo search for old maps in Commons. Je azena podle ceny, od nejlevnjšího ubytování až po nejdražší hotely.

3 content donations 1 done, more than 10 planned Images from the Avoinglam MasterClass, the editathon series and Wikimaps partnerships will take place in 2015 when the workflow with GWToolset is in place. Disagree agree Making it together with several organizations was a good choice for. We also take time to learn together with the Finnish Wikipedia community. He is a historian, and he created a report of Digital Humanities in the UK as part of his assignment in London. Wikimaps was discussed in the context. Disclosure: The visit was funded by cost energic. Value of the donations 850 working time Participation Total number of participants 15 Female participants 33  Existing editors 10 New user accounts 5 Content Wikimedia projects involved fiwiki Bytes added 28 617 Bytes removed 2 155 Total bytes. Hki-Tre, 2 x Tre-Hki 111,01 Travel reimbursement, Wikipaja Rupriikki.11 Jkl-Tre-Jkl 58,09.11. Read the weekly reports of Jaime Lyn Schatz.

Jag har ofta gett kommentarer till medierna om mötesplatsernas verksamhhet och utveckling. Please answer in 1 -2 paragraphs and include specific measures of impact such as the number of readers or editors reached by a particular project, or the number of articles edited or improved. We have a nice stock left of the How to edit Wikipedia leaflet. Events edit stsm about crowdsourcing in Arts and Humanities Extreme Citizen Science 13usanna made an academic short term scientific mission, visiting Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, ExCiteS at the University College of London, and additional scholars. In our survey among the editathon series participants we asked whether the institutions are willing to continue work and try out different types of activities, and the answer was very positive.


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It consisted of 3 separate events Commons basics : Benefit, tools, practices, templates, tracking. We expect to see more practical outcomes from the Nordic collaboration with maps be realized in the future. All assistants have found their unique angles and strengths. Based on the plans and experiences, we made it into a Learning Pattern. The glam technician is either one hired person or several assigments. Wikimaps is also gathering a lot of attention from Nordic glams, and also worldwide. 1-3 themes developed 1 common theme selected Urban change in different Nordic Hot Spots: Helsinki, Umeå, Tartu, Oslo and Århus Second emerging theme is historical aerial images that may become a future project We are interested in the idea. The Finnish Photography Museum Total unique Surveys edit glam survey responses 6 organizations, response rate 100 Has your organization done or is it planning to do mass uploads to Wikimedia Commons?

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There were 7 participants from 3 glams and one from Wikimedia Estonia, 3 wmfi assistants and a Board member. We proceed with the glam edge and will gain EDU partners as a side product. Jemino kehittä verkkomedioita, tarjoaa asiantuntijapalveluita ja kouluttaa. October 2014. 21,20.11.2014 Instructor, Banking fee, Tuo kulttuuri Wikipediaan.10.10.

The arrangement has proven to be successful in the scope of time we have had to observe. Wmfi assistant assisted in communication and documentation. We do need local capacity in addition to the international community. Vi erbjuder bland annat sökmotoroptimering och sökmotorannonsering. Jaime Lyn Schatz joined the project in creating a time slider in the OpenHistoricalMap site. This section ties this project to Wikimedia's broader goals, and shows what the project accomplished. The meeting of the glams for planning the editathon series took place in Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. We hope to contribute to the requirements of metadata and API functionality. Manu Pärssinen from Pelikonepeijoonit gave a lecture about gaming history in Finland.

Mina senaste artiklar, arbetshistoria, utbildning, förtroendeuppdrag, intervjuer. It is located 4 blocks from Purmamarcas main square. We have met the criteria we have set ourselves and consider the work an enormous success. Event Date glam staff in preparation glam staff at event glam hours used Wiki volunteers All participants New pages New articles Pos bytes Neg bytes Bytes total The Archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.10. Meetings Financial reports for 2013 non-profit tax statement communication edit Summary of Wikimedia in news Helsingin Sanomat has been covering pretty widely the topics around Wikipedia. We are now ready to start development of first issues.

Cena za noc: 2 810 K 8,6 Skvlé 469 hodnocení Ukázat více Ukázat mén Anonym Prm. Activities and lessons learned edit, this section describes what the grantee did, and what the grantee learned from implementing the project. Altogether 7 3 workshops 4 arranged, 1 planned Workhops have been arranged for content uploads and Wikipedia editing for glams. The Wikimaps Nordic project has funds to finalize the work before the end of June, which means the project period has been extended by 6 months. There will be a lot to learn in the practicalities. Consider the following questions and respond with 1 - 2 paragraphs. 2014 is a major milestone in establishing regular activities within Wikimedia Finland. Glam activities are outlines as part of the WIkimedia Finland Roadmaps, drafted here (in Finnish). I oktober 2006 lämnade jag Suomi24, eftersom jag vill göra och lära mig nya saker.

No WMF funds or paid working time were used. The Wikimaps project and the Commons upload tools will eventually produce a lot of value, even though it cannot be calculated well yet. To read the approved grant submission describing the plan for this project, please visit. To be expressed as plans for common activities. From June 2014 to October 2014 there were 19 stories about Wikipedia in the Finnish newspapers. Min första hemsida gjorde jag 1996 och bloggen startade jag 2002. We are interested in joining initiatives, where Wikimedia data is linked to other data sources through crowdsourcing. With free WiFi, this 1-star hotel offers a 24-hour front desk and room service. Documentation and best practices. The EDU activities will emerge gradually.

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Suomi24 Posti Fi Suomi24 Chat 22

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One reason may also be that the nature of the association has changed dramatically with new kind of activities addressing new people who participate but don't become members. This will be very much needed, since there is no lively Commons community in Finland that we could rely on in batch uploads. Rest of the news were pretty positive random news like why some famous people are remembered or how.5 articles in Wikipedia are made by a bot operated by Sverker Johansson. 100 maps rectified 131 maps in the Warper, both rectified and unrectified The Warper can be used, but it's still hard to use for novices especially, and many features require the UX revamp. Hki-Tre 37 Board Member Travel reimbursement, Wikipaja Rupriikki.11. Suomi24 posti fi suomi24 chat 22

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Pro více informací kliknte zde. We request support for the travel expenses caused. A basic Wikipedia editing session was held at the Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland. Disclosure: The visit was funded partly by a grant from the Aalto arts University, and partly by the Wikimaps Nordic rakel liekki pornokuvat seksiseuraa oulusta project. Read more in the Wikimaps Nordic 2015 plan. Kontaktuppgifter, andra profiler, internetreportage, jag har gjort flera Internetreportage i multimedieformat. Kärdla, Estonia 2 hotel, 1 apartmán, 3 penzion a 6 dalších možností ubytování. Any work 21 / h, space rent 100 / h, catering 10 / person.